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Before visiting this site, I acknowledge that I am of legal age and that I am authorised by the legislation of my country to purchase products containing nicotine.

Red Just Fruit Concentrate - Full Moon

Red Just Fruit Concentrate - Full Moon


Discover the vibrant flavour explosion of Full Moon's Red Just Fruit e-liquid and its juicy blend of red fruit and sweet mango, always highlighted by an intoxicating glazed pineapple.
Like a deluge of fruity juices, Full Moon's Red Just Fruit recipe finally arrives in a ready-to-vape e-liquid version!

Recommended dosage :

    10% for a PG/VG base of 50/50
    22.5% for a PG/VG base of 30/70
    30% for a PG/VG base of 00/100

Curing time: 2 to 5 days

Please note: this product is for DIY use only. It must be mixed with a PG/VG base according to a precise dosage.

Warning: E-liquids are not returnable or exchangeable!


Red Just Fruit Concentrate - Full Moon

Red Just Fruit is a concentrated flavour from Malaysia, packaged in France by Full Moon. It is composed of food flavours and propylene glycol.

As a result, every nuance of flavour will be infused to perfection, a blend of pineapple sweetness, mango aroma and sweetness and a handful of fine forest fruits.

Red Just Fruit concentrate is a fruity getaway under the sun. Always colourful, Full Moon offers a traditional and exotic blend for your DIY, with a concentrate that skilfully combines sweet and aromatic flavours.  Red Just Fruit combines mango and red fruit flavours to create a fruity cocktail.  Foodies will love this juicy flavour, which is sure to make Red Just Fruit the concentrated choice in your DIY selection. Red Just Fruit is a Koolada-free version of Red.

Making your own e-liquid

Materials needed

You will need :

    Filling syringes or a dosing bottle.
    A flavouring bottle and an e-liquid base with or without nicotine.
    Plastic dropper bottles to make your preparation.
    Latex gloves and goggles for your safety during handling.

The dosage of the flavor

The dosage of the flavouring varies according to the level of Vegetable Glycerine in your liquid base. Generally speaking:

    30PG/70VG base: 20%.
    Base 50PG/50VG: between 15% and 20%.
    Base 70PG/30VG: between 8% and 15%.
    Base 100VG: 25%.

Maturing time

For a successful DIY creation, it is preferable to respect a maturation period so that the flavour can reveal all its subtleties and power. This period, also called "steeping", will allow the different flavours and components to bind together so that they can reveal their full potential and balance.

Once your preparation is made to the desired dosage, shake your DIY preparation vigorously once so that the flavours mix properly in the base. Shake once or twice a day throughout the maturation period to ensure that the flavours are well distributed.


To enjoy your DIY e-liquid in optimal conditions, make sure you store your different components in a dry place, at room temperature and away from light. If stored properly, you can even continue to use your Red Astair concentrated flavour after the expiry date. However, you may notice a weakening and/or slight change in flavour over time.


When making your DIY preparations, make sure you use proper equipment for dosing and storing liquids. Do your DIY on a clean work surface and use latex gloves and safety glasses.

Fiche Technique
Capacity 10 ml
Flavour Fruity
Dosage for 50/50 10 %
Origin France
Maturation 2 to 3 days
Fresh Yes