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Before visiting this site, I acknowledge that I am of legal age and that I am authorised by the legislation of my country to purchase products containing nicotine.

Written by Monsieur Vapoteur

The electronic cigarette is one of the best ways for a smoker to quit smoking. The e-liquid is one of the most important components of this device. There are many brands and qualities of e-liquid on the market. It is therefore important to choose the right one. You are probably wondering how to do it right. In this article, we will give you some criteria to follow to choose your e-liquid more easily.

To choose an e-liquid, you must take into account its concentration in nicotine

Nicotine is one of the most important substances contained in e-liquid. It is the substance that allows a smoker to fill the void. In other words, this product replaces tobacco to some extent for someone who likes cigarettes. This is why it is important to take this into account before making any choice. In fact, when the nicotine content of the e-cigarette is low, it does not favour the vapoteur. The latter, being in withdrawal, could relapse into tobacco consumption. Similarly, when the nicotine content of the product is too high, this can have considerable consequences for the health of the vapourist. The ideal for a beginner would be to find the right balance (neither too low nor too high). For those who are used to smoking, they should know what amount of nicotine would be suitable for them.

Choosing an e-liquid by flavour and PG/VG content

When choosing an e-liquid, you can also take into account two other criteria. We will present them to you.

Choosing an e-liquid based on flavour

The flavour is a determining factor in your choice of an e-liquid. Indeed, for your vaping experience to be pleasant, you must find the right flavour for your e-liquid. It should be noted, however, that the choice must be relative to the tastes of each smoker. Thus, no specific recommendations can be made.

However, beginners are advised to choose the tobacco flavour to facilitate withdrawal. Other tasty flavours can also help you enjoy your e-cigarette. It's up to you to decide what you need. There are generally 5 different flavours of e-liquid. These are :

  •     - Tobacco flavour
  •     - The gourmet flavour
  •     - The fruity flavour
  •     - The drink flavour
  •     - Minty flavour

Take into account the PG/VG content

E-liquid is also composed of two important substances. These are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. The first component gives the e-liquid rigidity. When its quantity is high in the product, it causes a hit in the throat of the vapers. The vegetable glycerine makes the e-liquid thicker. This leads to the production of large smoke during vaping. These two components contribute to the pleasure of vapers. It is therefore important to take them into account when choosing an e-liquid.