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Before visiting this site, I acknowledge that I am of legal age and that I am authorised by the legislation of my country to purchase products containing nicotine.

Colonel Custard Concentrate 10 ml - T-Juice

Colonel Custard Concentrate 10 ml - T-Juice


Colonel Custard: in the spirit of the famous "custards", find a smooth custard flavour that will be perfect in all-day.

The Tjuice flavour range is made in the UK and is packaged in 10ml bottles with child-resistant caps.

Format 10ml

Warning: this product is only for DIY preparations. It must be mixed with a PG/VG base according to a precise dosage.

Attention: E-liquids are neither returned nor exchanged!


Colonel Custard Concentrate 10 ml - T-Juice

At the scene of the crime, Colonel Custard starts to sort out what happened. The victim has had his pod scalped until a giant stain of vanilla cream has spread on the floor. Another greedy killer has struck! But rest assured, the crime will not go unpunished! Try Colonel Custard from T-Juice yourself to solve the most delicious investigation of the year by finding out where the creamy, vanilla pleasure of an English custard comes from!

Like all T-Juice products, the Colonel Custard e-liquid flavour is made in England.

Making your own e-liquid

The necessary equipment

You will need :

    Syringes or a measuring bottle.
    A flavouring bottle and an e-liquid base with or without nicotine.
    Plastic dropper bottles to make your preparation.
    Latex gloves and goggles for your safety during handling.

The dosage of the flavor

The dosage of the flavouring varies according to the level of Vegetable Glycerine in your liquid base. Generally speaking:

    30PG/70VG base: 20%.
    Base 50PG/50VG: between 15% and 20%.
    Base 70PG/30VG: between 8% and 15%.
    Base 100VG: 25%

Maturing time

For a successful DIY creation, it is preferable to respect a maturation period so that the flavour can reveal all its subtleties and power. This period, also called "steeping", will allow the different flavours and components to bind together so that they can reveal their full potential and balance.

Once your preparation is made to the desired dosage, shake your DIY preparation vigorously once so that the flavours mix properly in the base. Shake once or twice a day throughout the maturation period to ensure that the flavours are properly diffused.


To enjoy your DIY e-liquid in optimal conditions, make sure you store your different components in a dry place, at room temperature and away from light. If stored properly, you can even continue to use your Red Astair concentrated flavour after the expiry date. However, you may notice a weakening and/or slight change in flavour over time.


When making your DIY preparations, make sure you use proper equipment for dosing and storing liquids. Do your DIY on a clean work surface and use latex gloves and safety glasses.