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Before visiting this site, I acknowledge that I am of legal age and that I am authorised by the legislation of my country to purchase products containing nicotine.

Samourai Blood - O'juicy

Samourai Blood - O'juicy


The only way to get a good brew is to draw blood, samurai's word! See perfection made with tea.
Choose your side now!

Discover the benefits of lemon yuzu combined with green tea and aloe vera.

Made in Belgium by O'Juicy, Samurai Blood e-liquid is designed with a PG/VG base of 50/50.

Available in a 60ml bottle containing 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid (0mg).
E-liquid with boosted flavours, sold in 60ml bottle.
Made in Belgium; Ratio PG / VG: 50/50.
Format 50ml with booster, without nicotine (0mg). Bottle 60ml.

Warning: E-liquids are not returnable or exchangeable!


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Warning: The e-liquids are not returned or exchanged!

Samurai Blood 50 ml e liquid from O'Juicy

Find the benefits of lemon yuzu associated with green tea and aloe vera. 50ml vial overdosed in flavour.

Capacity : 50ml

E-liquid boosted in flavour, allows the addition of nicotine booster.

Base of the e-liquid Slayer Blood - O'Juicy :

    - 50% propylene glycol (PG)
    - 50% vegetable glycerine (VG)

 O'juicy is a brand of eliquids manufactured by the Belgian laboratory Liquidelab.
It is a range of liquids in 50ml and 22 flavours in 10ml, 4 bases in 500ml and 2 boosters.
The complete range is TPD ready Belgium and France.
The PG and VG are USP pharmaceutical grade.
The flavours are food grade and natural (France).

Liquidelab is also specialised in e-liquid analysis (GCMS) and emission (Robot vapoteur).

Storage of your e-liquidSummer Purple 50 ml - O'Juicy

For optimal conservation day after day, keep your e-liquid Summer Purple 50 ml - O'Juicy in a dry place and at room temperature.
Do not expose it permanently to light and carefully recap the bottle after use.

A well preserved electronic cigarette e-liquid can be consumed after its expiry date, without significant loss of flavour.

The propylene glycol allows a good restitution of flavours and accentuates the hit (sensation of contraction of the throat when the steam passes). Vegetable glycerine accentuates the production of steam and brings roundness and sweetness to the flavours. The nicotine promotes the hit and nicotine intake, a high dosage is preferred if you are highly addicted to nicotine and want a high hit.

In relation to their rate of PG / VG, e-liquids are compatible with all electronic cigarettes.

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